Helping thousands of people

transform their lives; creating new possibilities...

We all face

difficult or painful life situations


in which “knowing what’s wrong” isn’t enough. Perhaps this is one of those moments for you or your family. Maybe there’s nothing “wrong,” but you feel that more is possible — in your work, in your relationships, in your life.

A new approach to social anxiety, social phobia and shyness!


Theatre professional and creativity coach Lesly Fredman and psychotherapist and development coach Murray Dabby, LCSW have teamed up to provide a new and innovative approach to helping people who suffer from social anxiety...

If you are in a marriage or long term relationship


and would like to reignite love, passion, intimacy or sex that seems to be missing...  Or, if you are just beginning a new relationship and want to keep that spark alive, relationship coaching is for you.Whether you are looking to resurrect a struggling relationship...

Social therapy has emerged as a creative, revolutionary approach to human development


that is helping people the world over to find new ways of healing, helping, learning and transforming — for themselves, their families and communities...

With deep appreciation for


the joy of committed partnership, he views relationships as a beautiful performance that we can write, direct and creatively improvise. Murray draws from the creative arts to help people find greater hapiness in life.


He has been joyfully married for 24 years.



Ask The Coach

Dear Coach, My husband and I have been married for four and a half years. We conceived our first child soon...


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Brain Activity to Social Activity

I love TedTalks. Frequently they are an opportunity to hear some of the most innovative ideas around...


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Meet Murray Dabby

things you might like to know...


Murray Dabby has worked and consulted for over 35 years  with people from all walks of life, - - from physicians and academics, to leaders in University settings, to business professionals and entrepreneurs, ministers and non-profit leaders, artists and writers and people in entertainment.



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Helping thousands of people

transform their lives; creating new possibilities...

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