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Coaching to help you develop inspiring, loving, intimate partnerships in your marriage and love relationships!




Whether you are looking to resurrect a struggling relationship, or to help get living your dream in the areas of love, sexuality and intimacy, I can help you achieve your goals.  Often people expect that building caring and supportive relationships come naturally.  Too often people bring their relationship troubles when it is on it's last leg.  However, this does not have to be the case.  As a relationship coach I will work with you to design practices to create a deeper sense of partnership.  You will learn how to grow through giving to cultivate a culture of acceptance, honesty and openness.  You can learn how to create an environment to bring out the best in your relationship.


Whether you are choosing to come in to coach with your partner....or on your own....I can help you on your journey to have a more fulfilling relationship in your life.

The Couples College

Create the partnership you want


If you are interested in Enriching your Relationship in a Couples Workshop or Group fashion, I would recommend that you sign up for my Couples Workshop : When Love is Not Enough: A Workshop on Partnering for Life.  It is a phenomenal opportunity to do a intensive, fun and creative couples training that is an investment for a Lifetime!



If you are in a marriage or long term relationship,


and feel lonely or disconnected from you partner, and would like to reignite love, passion, intimacy or sex that has been missing in your life... Or, if you are just beginning a new relationship and want to learn how to keep it strong, get better at dealing with conflict, and you want to keep that spark alive, relationship coaching is for you.

Relationship Coaching:

Have you found a "great mate" to be with and you want to keep the relationship great?

Do you need to reestablish trust, commitment and friendship after serious hurt in the relationship?

Are you interested in re-energizing a good relationship that has fizzled?

Do you need help to learn to fight fair?
Are you looking to recreate the 'magic' in your relationship?

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